About Roger Clowater

I am a police foundations and law enforcement instructor and speaker that began in the field of higher education by starting to teach public relations and corporate communications. My feeling is that as a professional I see myself being in the process of learning to teach. Currently I am teaching the police foundations students at the National Academy of Health and Business in Toronto, ON. Previously I taught corporate communications students at Centennial College to develop their skills as managers, problem-solvers and communications strategist. Because I want to become a better instructor I am taking the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education program at Centennial College. The purpose of this blog is to deconstruct my learning to teach experience.

My focus is to help students focus on developing the essential competencies required to become a police and law enforcement officer. A competency is defined as any skill, knowledge, ability, motive, behaviour or attitude essential to successful performance on the job. My goal is to develop this and help students to demonstrate them so they can qualify to become a police officer. They are:

Analytical Thinking



Flexibility/Valuing Diversity


Relationship Building

Achievement Orientation

Medical/Physical Skills and Abilities. 

The opportunity to teach and prepare students to work as police officers and in law enforcement along with being able to participate in developing new educational materials and techniques, are the  primary reasons I sought an academic career. I have a real passion for teaching and preparing students for life in their chosen careers. My background, academia, teaching, outdoor leadership experience, along with a career in law enforcement as a community relations, public information officer, and public relations counsel have prepared me to teach.

Since pursuing a formal public relations education over the last decade, I have dedicated much of my time to coaching, mentoring, teaching, and developing courses and educational materials.